Sportsman Shop

Welcome to the Sportsman Shop! Here you will find various gold prospecting, hunting, and outdoor gear/items for sale from the RMS ebay account by clicking the link below.

Below are Prospecting and Hunting tools or gear that I use and highly recommend.  Click on the corresponding image to view the best purchasing options on Amazon.

2000 gph Bilge Pump


Gorilla Cart


Gold Cube 3 Stack Deluxe w/ Trommel


Angus Mackirk Long Tom Sluice


Royal Folding Hybrid Sluice


Classifier Screens 1/2 inch- 100 Mesh

$59.39 (set of 5)

Garret Deluxe Gold Pan Kit


Gold Vials


Snappy Grips x20


Magnifying Tweezers


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