Tips For a Successful Elk Hunt in Colorado

When it comes to public land elk hunting and over the counter elk tags in Colorado, a few overused phrases come to mind. “There were way too many people hunting in our unit.” Or, “We saw a bunch of sign but no animals.” Public land and over-the-counter hunting can be very frustrating if you aren’t prepared. I’ve been there!  For those of you unfamiliar with over-the-counter hunting tags in Colorado, these tags are given out to resident/non-resident hunters and tags are unlimited for various seasons. These tags allow you to hunt in multiple units in a good majority of the state.  Sounds great right?! It sure can be but it can also get very crowded. Luckily, there are several ways to cope with the pressures of public land and over-the-counter hunts here in Colorado. Continue Reading

Rocky Mountain Prospector of the Month


I’m pleased to announce that our very first Rocky Mountain Prospector of the month is Randy Witham! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to prospect with Randy and also have him as a mentor. A very large portion of what I know about prospecting and mining, I’ve learned from Randy. Randy is a very prominent figure in the Colorado prospecting and mining community. I couldn’t think of a better, more deserving prospector of the month than Randy and here shortly you’ll see why.

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The Truth About Paydirt


There are dozens of Paydirt sellers stationed all over the world. They range from eBay sellers to large businesses that have really made a name for themselves. For those of you that don’t know, “Paydirt” is a bag of gold concentrates (black sands/blonde sands and fine gold) that have been salted with various amounts of gold. People buy Paydirt hoping to make a return on their investment.  People also buy Paydirt to work on their panning skills. Through advertisement and empty promises, Paydirt sellers make it seem like buying Paydirt is a good investment. That the buyer will receive gold worth more than what they bought the Paydirt for. The truth is,  buying Paydirt is a complete gamble built on the lottery system.

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Miller Tables For The Win-Fine Gold Recovery Methods


There are various ways to recover fine gold from black sand concentrates. The four primary methods or devices used are panning, Gold Wheels, Blue Bowls, and Miller Tables. They’re all effective to varying degrees but only one stands out on top. Here is a description of each method and its effectiveness.Continue Reading