1.5 grams of fine placer gold from the Animas River in Colorado. .25 troy oz silver button for size comparison.


Welcome to Rocky Mountain Sportsman!

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Sportsman! Previously known as Rocky Mountain Prospector. For all of my day one followers, you’ve probably noticed from the name change that this site/brand is no longer prospecting only. Rocky Mountain Sportsman is now dedicated to highlighting all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer to the modern day Sportsman.  From hunting and gold prospecting to backpacking trips and ice fishing, there are endless and exhilarating memories to be made above 10,000 feet here in the Rockies!

Rocky Mountain Sportsman is dedicated to sharing all the knowledge, experience, and wisdom we’ve gained on all of our outdoor adventures in the heart of the Rockies right here in Colorado.  Stay tuned for upcoming articles, videos and pictures that will really show you what Rocky Mountain Sportsman is all about!

Colorado 1st Rifle 2019

This site costs money to keep up and develop. I would greatly appreciate any contributions no matter how big or small to help with those costs. Click the link below to make a contribution and thank you so much in advance!


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